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Become an instant celebrity at your school!!

Direct a "Rock The Assembly" program, which is designed to introduce High School students to the concept of becoming registered organ donors.

As a High School student or teacher, you can become the head organizer of a fun and exciting event that combines live music, showmanship and civic responsibility!
You're involvement is sure to bring personal attention and gratification.
And don't worry; you will have Organ Donors Rock! Headquarters to help you when you have questions.

Undoubtedly, your school will be talking about this event for a long time to come.

Your "Rock The Assembly" program can be customized to include many of the recommended events that are included in our program outline. Choose the ones that work best for you, and let us know if you have other ideas that you would like to include.


You are gearing up for the big assembly that you have scheduled in the school gym or auditorium. You have 3 weeks before the big day.
You have invited one of your school rock bands to play as well as a very popular local band to surprise headline. Word has leaked that there is going to be a rock show at the school and the students are already getting excited.
(Note: Keep the surprise headliner a secret and don't tell anyone or you may have a security problem on the day of the show with outsiders trying to crash the show.)

Two weeks before the assembly, you make hall posters and banners to advertise the bands that are coming. Remember to include the date, time and location on the banners.
Remember to include the Organ Donors Rock website and logo on your banners.
You add phrases to the banner, like: "Calling All Heroes"!, "Save Lives, Become an Organ Donor", or "Becoming an Organ Donor Rocks!", etc.
You hang the banners in high traffic areas".

You have decided that as part of the event, you want to do a fundraiser for Organ Donors Rock!. You have scheduled this fundraiser event for the weekend before the concert.
(This could be a car wash, garage sale in the gym, etc.)

You have printed brochures that are available on the Organ Donors Rock! website and you plan on having your friends help you distribute them around town to local record stores so they will display them on their counters.

Maybe you have printed up some of the cool Organ Donors Rock! Organ Donor cards (available on our website) for the kids at school to fill out and carry in their wallets and purses.
Take pictures of each student with their card in hand and email it to us for our "Organ Donors Rock! Rock and Roll Wall of Fame"

 The big day arrives and you have arranged to have the local media present. TV Cameras are set up in the gym, and the newspaper reporters are asking you questions.
You have the radio station set up for a telephone interview the following morning to report on how well the event turned out.
When speaking with the media, it is very important to remember to mention Organ Donors Rock! and emphasize the need for new organ donors. Encourage the audience to go to to register online.

The day of the event, the auditorium looks great. You have attached an Organ Donors Rock! poster, which includes the website address to the stage. (You can also bring in all the other posters you had in the hall and attach them to the walls for easy decorating.)

You address the audience. Thank them for being there. Tell them the importance of becoming organ donors. If you have a guest speaker, give them 3 to 4 minutes to address the audience. You show the audience a giant check that you created showing how much they were able to raise for Organ Donors Rock! and the cause of organ registration.
You encourage them to go to the website and become organ donors.
You make sure they know that the Organ Donors Rock! Organ Donor cards are also available for them to fill out and carry in their wallet or purse if they haven't filled one out yet.

Introduce the opening band.

The opening band is awesome and everyone is on pins and needles to see who the headlining band is.

While the stage is being set up for the next band, take the mic and remind people once again to become organ donors. (If you know it will take some time to change sets, you may have a comedian from the school or some music skits worked out. Keep everything tasteful.)
Then with much energy, you introduce the surprise headliner and the gym goes wild!

You are a hero!!


[ ] Print brochures to put on the counter of local shops, such as record stores.

[ ] Don't forget the free publicity that you can from local newspaper, TV stations and
     radio stations.

[ ] Print and send brochures home with students to give to parents and relatives.

[ ] Recruit school or local rock bands to perform at an assembly.
If you get a popular band to perform, keep it an absolute secret until the event.
Have a hiding place for the headlining band to prepare while waiting to perform so that students can't get to them or see who they are. Make sure they have private bathroom and mirror access.
Ask the headlining band not to bring anything that would identify them before their show starts such as a van with their name on it or a drum set with their name on it.

Make sure the bands keep their material tasteful and appropriate.

[ ] Can your school host an outdoor concert and bring in a half pipe for skaters to exhibit?

[ ] Make sure to have an Organ Donors Rock! banner at the assembly.

[ ] During assembly, give organ donor message.
     Encourage people to become organ donors.

[ ] Hand out Organ Donors Rock! Organ Donor cards.

[ ] Give everyone our brochure with web address so they can apply online.

[ ] Create posters weeks in advance for the assembly.
     Include the web address, on all posters and brochures.

[ ] Do a fund raiser for Organ Donors Rock as part of assembly week.
Leading up to the assembly you can, Host a car wash, a $5 dance, have the students request money from parents. Hold a walk-athon around a track race, where participants get pledges per lap. Have local parents and businesses donate products and have an auction night.
If you do an auction night, let us know. We will try to contact local musicians who may also be able to donate some awesome swag, instruments, etc.
A weekend garage sale in the gym. Encourage students and the community to donate goods.

[ ] At the assembly, announce how much money everyone has raised for Organ donors Rock!. You can even create one of those giant fake checks. Put the Organ Donors Rock! Logo on it.

[ ] Print off our brochures, posters and button templates

[ ] Download our video to play on your school news channel, or to upload to your
     school website.

[ ] Download the audio blips for your announcement system.

[ ] Download the ads for your school radio station.

[ ] Make sure all advertising links to

[ ] Hand out ribbons that students tie around their wrist. They are only allowed to take them off when they pass it on to someone else who promises to become an organ donor. The next person can only take it off when they do the same.

[ ] Encourage students to include our web badges and widgets on their Facebook and MySpace pages.

[ ] Send us as much information about the event as you can. Write ups, video, pictures. We want to be able to share your successes on the website.

[ ] Find a local citizen that has an organ donor story. Maybe they were a recipient of a donated organ. Maybe they are a local expert on the need for donations. Call the hospital for leads. Have them do a very short speech at the assembly. Maybe only 3 or 4 minutes.

Have fun and contact us when you have any questions.
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