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"Join me in giving the gift of life by registering to become an organ donor today".

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- Over 100,000 people are waiting
  for replacement organs.
- Over 500 people die every month while
  waiting for a suitable replacement organ.
- By becoming an organ donor, you can save
  the lives of 7 people and improve the lives
  of hundreds of others.
Remember Organ Donors Rock in your Will or Trust.

Did You Know?

The expressed mission of Organ Donors Rock!, a non-profit health and education organization, is to utilize the Celebrity of musicians to encourage individuals to become organ and tissue donors.

The U.S. Department of Health classifies a lack of suitable replacement organs as a "National Health Imperative".

Thousands of people die every year while waiting for a transplant because a suitable replacement organ is simply not available.

We seek to bridge the gap of need vs. supply by recruiting new organ donors.
Recruitment techniques include progressive Internet Marketing Technologies, traditional radio, television and print advertising, personal appearances at appropriate conventions and concerts, and creative outreaches such as our school assembly program.

The goal of our mission is to save and improve lives, by bringing about a reality in which all individuals in need of a replacement organ will have one available to them.
When this first goal has been met, our next goal will be to ensure a surplus of organs available for future organ and tissue needs.

Organ Donors Rock! also celebrates those individuals who have made the brave decision to become an organ donor.

If you have not yet become an organ donor, become one today. Your gift of life can save the lives of 7 people and improve the lives of hundreds of others!

Join us in making the Organ Donors Rock! mission a reality.
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